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How to improve Quran recitation 8 Practical Ways To Improve

Our recitation becomes more beautiful when Tajweed is performed correctly, adhering to all rules and characteristics. Because it is the universal guide to living a perfect life, the Quran should be read and recited with the appropriate level of knowledge and ease.

How to improve Quran recitation 8 Practical Ways To Improve
How to improve Quran recitation

How to Read the Quran More Fluently and Improve Your Quran Recitation 

There are numerous methods for improving Quran recitation. However, consistency and repetition are essential for fluency. These are eight practical ways to improve your ability to recite the Quran more fluently.

1- Pronunciation


Surahs make up the entirety of the Quran, which is a book made up of words and letters. It all starts with how well you say the message, which is made up of words. Understanding the sounds and pronunciation of the letters is the first step. You will greatly benefit from this in the correct recitation.

Therefore, you must first practice each letter's sound thoroughly. A better dialect and improved fluency in the Quran's recitation will result from learning and understanding the letters.

In addition, to improve fluency, one should revise and repeat each letter of the Quran. As a result, there would be more comprehension, fewer errors, and greater rewards for reciting the Quran; As a result, maintaining fluency and correct pronunciation is essential.

“Verily, We have sent it down as an Arabic Quran so that you may understand” [Yousuf 12:2]

2- Learn Tajweed Rules

Learn Tajweed Rules

Tajweed: it is fundamental to accurately comprehend; It's not just a religious term; the Quran is the primary source of its use. The word "Tajweed," if you haven't heard of it, basically means "improve or to accomplish in a better way." To put it another way, it means the rules for how to say things.

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"The language of kings is the king of all languages," so the saying goes; Then, Arabic, what do you think? Isn't that the king's language? It is the language of the lord of rulers the All-powerful. Then, without a doubt, it has the first right to be learned through effective speech.

To learn Arabic, you must now master the Arabic Tajweed. When you learn tajweed, you learn a unique method for reading the Holy Book. The most important book in the Islamic faith is the Quran. Knowing the Tajweed of the Quran, which is reciting the Quran with the blessings of Almighty Allah and the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH), also gives you peace of mind and heart.

You are missing out on a fundamentally religious and spiritual component of your religion if you do not learn Tajweed. Because of this, Tajweed acquires such significance that it is an extremely significant component of the Holy Book's recitation. Subsequently learning the Tajweed rules will help you in working on your recitation of the Quran and increment familiarity.

3- Intonation

It's also important to know how your voice or sound rises and falls. You should realized when to build, when to dial back, and where to quiet to consummate your recitation. You will have a much easier time performing the appropriate recitation if you adhere to Tajweed rules, signs, and characteristics.

When one knows what, when, and how to recite the Quran, they can improve their dialect and speech, increase their fluency, and keep themselves interested in reciting the Quran on a regular basis. 

4- Quality of the Recitation

Quality of the Recitation

On Earth, you are reading the blessed book. Both Allah and His Prophet (P.B.U.H.) enjoy reading the magazine. Thus, the quality of the recitation is also important. The most popular way to recite the Quran is in a soft, humble way.

According to a study, listening to the Quran recited significantly decreased the level of anxiety in the intervention group in comparison to the control group.

Furthermore, there are a lot more examinations in such manner, which is the reason on the off chance that you go slowly and discuss little sections and read minimal each time as opposed to taking it quick and simply going through the stanzas it by implication causes a ton of slip-ups and obliterates the genuine significance of the Quran which is identical to sin.

5- Repetition 

This practice will significantly improve both your comprehension of the Quran and how quickly you can read it. Imagine that you have decided to recite two pages of the Quran every day after Isha and two pages before you leave for work in the morning.

Give this a shot instead of presenting the first two pages first thing in the morning and the next two pages last thing at night.

Recite page 1 the very first morning; Then, go back and read page 1 once more. At that point in the evening, recite page 1 repeatedly. In any case, I'll only have completed one page at that point! I can hear you yelling.

That is true; However, you will have completed that page multiple times, and the most important thing is that by the fourth recitation, you will be able to read it three or more times as quickly as you did on your first attempt.

Make it a goal to read the page several times a day. The next day, you can continue ahead to page 2, and so on. It's even possible that you'll need to practice this with a Tajweed instructor, who will correct your recitation. You will also notice that you can now recount page 1 approximately twice as quickly and smoothly as you did on your first attempt. This would significantly improve fluency!

6- Record and Compare

By recording yourself as you recite the Quran and then playing it back, many mistakes and flaws in the recitation are brought to light. Continually going through this procedure would assist in avoiding these errors and enhancing fluency.

In addition, you can hire or listen to any other well-known sheikh on YouTube or a separate online app if you are unsure whether something is right or wrong.

This improves your ability to catch mistakes, makes it easier to avoid problems, and makes you even more proficient at reciting the Quran. And if you did this method a lot, you probably would pick up a proper Arabian dialect.

7- Hire A Tutor

Hire A Tutor

Your ability to recite the Quran will improve if you hire a qualified instructor with comprehensive and effective knowledge of Tajweed and the Quran. Your level of confidence rises when you have someone watching and guiding you, and the tutor helps you learn to be more humble, to be more alert, and to be more careful.

Additionally, the tutor would assist you in comprehending and appreciating the Quran's knowledge. He will help you avoid errors and improve your overall fluency for a small fee. Additionally, you would become a better Muslim as a result of this, leading to a perfect and civilized lifestyle.

8- Make It As A Daily Practice

Make It As A Daily Practice

As we follow some type of routine in our lives, consistently doing something a similar consistently in any event. As a result, we should also make it a daily habit to learn to recite and repeat the Quran, as well as its dialect and gain knowledge. instead of wasting time on worldly pursuits. We ought to concentrate on improving our connection to Allah and our ability to recite the Quran more fluently.

This is easy to do if you make it a daily habit to recite at least one or two pages of the Quran after prayer or when you get home from work. This cycle works on understanding and increment familiarity, with you acquiring the most extreme information and getting granted at the same time by Allah!

You can easily improve your knowledge and ability to read the Quran if you follow the suggestions and methods listed above. Since the Quran is the universal guide to a perfect life, proper fluency is essential. a comprehensive Muslim code of conduct. As a result, if you review the Quran thoroughly before reciting it, you might avoid making any mistakes.

In addition, mastering the Quran's recitation will enable you to comprehend all of its verses and apply them flawlessly. Likewise, you would likewise accomplish a familiar vernacular and complement. Communication on the Last Day and protection from Hellfire are provided by your proficient and adequate reading of the Quran.

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