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Online Quran Kids Learning

Online Quran Kids Learning

Online Quran Kids Learning

Are you looking for a website where your children can learn about the Quran online?You have arrived in the right place.The professional Quran teachers at Web Quran Academy teach the Quran, daily supplications, the wazu and salah method, and Islamic values.For the Ummah, the Quran is a moral and legal code.It contains words from Allah Almighty that can be used as a guide throughout time.Parents should begin teaching their children the Quran at a young age, typically between the ages of 5 and 6.The reason for this is that good impressions last a lifetime in their minds at this age.Because the Quran teacher can focus on each child individually, online Quran learning is beneficial for children.

Reasons to Choose an Online Quran Learning Platform for Your Children:

  • You can take online classes from the comfort of your own home without having to take your children out of the house.
  • Your children will learn to apply Tajweed rules and become independent and self-assured through our online Quran learning platform.Additionally, the students learn short surahs and Duas to expand their Islamic knowledge.
  • The youngsters are able to effectively identify and pronounce letters or words.
  • The kids-loving tutors behave beautifully and gently with the students and leave an impression.Children become afflicted and eager to learn as a result.
  • Our Quran teachers who teach online use a student-centered approach that looks at how well kids learn.
  • Our teachers encourage tolerance and understanding between students.However, when necessary, they are strict.
  • In addition, the schedule for your children's online Quran classes is entirely up to you.

Allow your children to learn the Quran in a secure setting at home.

We tailor a plan for each child based on their strengths and weaknesses in the classroom.For face-to-face and online Quran lessons, our teachers are available around the clock.To teach the fundamentals of Arabic, we typically begin with Noorani Qaida.The correct pronunciation of Arabic letters and alphabets is emphasized by our instructors.We concentrate on using Tajweed rules correctly to pronounce words.

Learn the Tajweed regulations to help your children become fluent readers of the Quran.

In order to pique the interest of children, we have created interactive lessons.To fill in the gaps in students' knowledge, we also offer phonemics, brief videos, PowerPoint slides, and relevant materials.In addition, we hold regular revision sessions to help children become proficient readers of the Quran. Parents receive monthly progress reports from our teachers as well.